DXpedition at Gifford Pinchot State Park, Pennsylvania

For 20 years I wrote a column on unlicensed pirate and clandestine shortwave radio broadcasting news  in Monitoring Times magazine. I'm also was a contributing editor to IBS North America's Passport to World Band Radio, the definitive guide to international shortwave broadcasting frequencies, schedules, and receiving equipment. For decades I wrote a column on Clandestine radio broadcasting in the monthly issues of The ACE from the Association of Clandestine Radio Enthusiasts.

My best pirate QSL verification letter came directly from the Federal Communications Commission! I heard the enforcement bust of WHBH on February 18, 1990. After this station was closed down, FCC agent Ellington made a broadcast stating that WHBH was no more. Dennis J. Everett of the FCC Field Operations Bureau verified my reception report for this unilcensed broadcast direct from the FCC!

View the WHBH bust QSL from the FCC

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Thanks to John Herkimer of Caledonia, New York, who did the original web design for the Numero Uno Sight and Sound page, a photo essay is here on The Founding of the International Short WaveClub in Klondyke, Ohio. This was the first shortwave broadcast DXing club in the world. Photos and text are by George Zeller..

The Founding of the International Shortwave Club in Klondyke, Ohio

Although it has little to do with shortwave radio, you may want to check out Paul Lannuier's web site, which is interesting.

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