Peter Kratzer House, Wengi bei Reichenbach, Switzerland

We have genealogy information available on 17,640 members of the Zeller (Switzerland and Ohio), Ward (South Carolina and Ohio), Galbraith (Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and Ohio), Eckstein (Germany, Pennsylvania, and Ohio), Dähler (Switzerland and Ohio), and Kratzer (Switzerland and Ohio) families. Other surnames with over 80 individuals in our files are Stanley (Ohio, Virginia, and England, back to British, French, and Viking royalty), Vernon (Pennsylvania,, South Carolina, and Ohio), Whinery (Ohio). Matti (Switzerland and Ohio), and Pettit (Pennsylvania and Ohio). In Switzerland, our Zeller data are from citizenship in Zweisimmen, with some relatives in other Simmental towns. The Matti family also held their Swiss citizenship in Zweisimmen. The Kratzers held citizenship in Aeschi bei Spiez. They lived Wengi bei Reichenbach, and in other Kandertal villages. The Dähler family was from Seftigen and Wichtrach. All of these areas are in Canton Bern.

You can view our large Thomas Ward Jr. database with search capabilities at our Rootsweb site. This file also contains considerable data on our Swiss ancestors, as well as a variety of our other cousins. Very unfortunately, the current contemptable management of RootsWeb has decided to force errors into all of the files submitted to them. Hence, this destructive management has rendered our file incomplete and at times erroneous. I protest the destructive management of RootsWeb, who is ruining a formerly very valuable internet resource. They should be ashamed of themselves, but they appear to be shameless..

Zeller/Ward/Kratzer/Dähler/Eckstein Family File

We also have a smaller Rootsweb database with information on 1,172 descendants of Thomas Ward Sr. of Abbeville District, South Carolina. We are not certain that we are closely related to him, although it also seems certain that Thomas Ward Sr. is not the father of our ancestor Thomas Ward Jr. of Abbeville District, as you might expect from the Sr. and Jr. suffixes. Any information on Thomas Ward of Abbeville, either Sr. or Jr., will be very welcome.

Thomas Ward Sr. Family File - Abbeville District South Carolina

CREDITS: We thank the following individuals for their extensive work on the files that we have: Don Ward (deceased), who did a tremendous amount of work on the Peter Ward family; Nannette Pucci of Industry, PA, who is the top expert on the family of David Eckstein; Joyce Perkerson Poole of Augusta, GA, who is a wonderful expert on the family of Thomas Ward Sr. of Abbeville District, SC; Jim Ward of Tennessee for his amazing transcripts of the Ward Letters, and Gertrud Zürbrugg of Frutigen, Switzerland who was very valuable in tracing the history of the Kratzer family in Aeschi bei Spiez, Switzerland. George Zeller of Cleveland, OH did the research on the family of Barthome and Johannes Zeller of Zweisimmen, Switzerland, as well as a significant amount of work on the rest of our files.

DAVID ECKSTEIN, General George Washington's Bodyguard during the Revolutionary War

Eckstein served as George Washington's bodyguard following Hickey's Treason, when a prior bodyguard was executed for trying to poison General Washington's peas. General Washington's receipt book is on display in the Hummelstown, Pennsylvania Historical Society, with David Eckstein's signature prominently displayed in the book. Eckstein later served more than twenty years as the school teacher in Hummelstown.

Photo of George Washington's receipt book (left, with blue ribbon) in Hummelstown Historical Society

Here are some photographs of our relatives:

Ward: Fernanda's parents Joseph Ward and Eliza Naylor Morgan Ward; photo taken in 1855

Ward: Fernanda Ward's Family on his 70th Birthday on October 19, 1929

Ward: Fernanda Ward's Family in about 1903

Ward: Six of Fernanda Ward's 8 children, Clarence Ward, James Ward, Mildred Alice Ward Lewis, Mabel Ward, Ida Mae Ward Maris, and Walter Herbert Ward

Ward: Ward Reunion in about 1927

Ward: 1922 Ward Reunion

Ward: Key to Names in 1922 Ward Reunion Photo

Ward: 1924 Ward Reunion

Ward: Children at 1924 Ward Reunion with Fernanda Ward and Walter Herbert Ward. The children are Mary Elizabeth Morris, Ward Zeller, Twila Mae Ward, and unknown in the arms of Walter Herbert Ward

Ward: 1925 Ward Reunion

Ward: Second View of 1925 Ward Reunion

Ward: Albion Ward, Emma Windle, Fernanda Ward, and Henry Windle, all charter members of Butler Grange at the 1924 50th anniversary of the Grange

Ward: Ward Reunion at Fernanda Ward's Home in Butler Township, Columbiana County, Ohio about 1929

Ward: Family of Walter Herbert Ward and Lula Celesta Eckstein Ward, Glenn Ward, Roberta Ward Strasser, Edith Lucille Ward Whinery, Elizabeth Mary Ward Drinkhouse, Gladys Marie Ward Whitacre, Alice Elsie Ward Zeller, and Joseph Homer Ward

Ward: Olive Ann Beede Barton, Hannah Ward's Daughter and Peter Ward's Granddaughter, courtesy of Beckie Daniels

Ward: Fernanda J. Ward, Walter Herbert Ward, Alice Ward Zeller, and Ward Zeller in 1926

Ward: Three of Fernanda Ward's five children: James F. Ward, Ida Mae Ward Maris, and Walter Herbert Ward

Ward: Amy Elizabeth Beede Votaw; Peter Ward's granddaughter

Ward: Family of Walter Herbert Ward and Lula Celestia Eckstein Ward, including Glenn, Roberta, Edith, Elizabeth, Gladys, Alice, and Joseph

Ward: Grandchildren of Walter Herbert Ward in about 1933, Ward Zeller, Twila Mae Ward Loudon, Camille Ellen Ward Wood, Mary Jane Whinery Leeper, Marjorie Zeller Landwert, Martha Jean Whinery White, and Rita Zeller Schrader

Ward: Florence Pauline Thompson Ward and Gladys Ward in about 1921

Ward: 2015 Ward Reunion

Ward: Gladys Ward Whitacre, Clyde Whitacre, and Gale Whitacre

Ward: Glenn Fernanda Ward of the Salem Athletic Club

Ward: Glenn Fernanda Ward in World War I

Ward: 2017 Ward Reunion

Eckstein: Walter Herbert Ward and Lula Celesta Eckstein Ward in about 1940

Eckstein: Surviving Children of Amos David Eckstein at Lake Placentia in about 1940: Franklin J. Eckstein, Lula Celesta Eckstein Ward, Eli Edgar Eckstein, Elizabeth Eckstein Kaminsky, Robert Clayton Eckstein

Eckstein: Lula Eckstein Ward, Lizzie Eckstein Kaminsky, May Eckstein Whinery

Eckstein: Confirmation Certificate for Leanda A. Eberwein, my second great grandmother, March 20, 1861, Kutztown, Pennsylvania Evangelical Lutheran Church

Eckstein: Leanda Eberwein, my second great grandmother and wife of Amos David Eckstein, her confirmation photo in 1861

Eckstein: Homer Eckstein and his daughter Eulala Lurna Eckstein, brother of Lula Eckstein Ward

Spencer: Ellen, Carey (Buckman), Malvern, Eli, Hazel, Lee, Florence

Zeller: Family of John Zeller in 1944- Alice Zeller, Johannes Zeller from Zweisimmen, Frank Berger, Anna Spencer Zeller, Bessie Zeller Berger, Alice Zeller, Charles William Wolfe, and Marjorie Zeller; Bessie Zeller Wolfe is missing probably because she took the photo,

Zeller: Anna Lovina Spencer Zeller, Marjorie Zeller Landwert, Alice Elsie Ward Zeller

Zeller: Alice Ward Zeller, Ward Zeller, and Charles S. Zeller in 1926

Zeller: My Grandfather Charles S. Zeller in 1920

Zeller: Charles S. Zeller is fourth from the left in the back row of this photo of production workers at the Deming Corporation in Salem, Ohio in about 1930.

Zeller: My Grandfather and Grandmother Charles S. Zeller and Alice Ward Zeller ice skating

Zeller: Bessie Zeller, Bertha Zeller, and Alice Ward Zeller

Zeller: Grandchildren of Johannes Zeller of Zweisimmen, Switzerland,, taken about 1939 across the street from Reilly Stadium in Salem, Ohio; Ward Zeller, F. Carl Berger, Marjorie Zeller, Rita Zeller, Wade Berger, Ruth Ann Wolfe, and Lee Wolfe

Zeller: Family of Alice Ward Zeller Shallenberg at Ward Reunion September 12, 1965

Zeller: George Zeller, George Daehler, Valerie Zeller

Zeller: George Zeller at Age 2 on Columbia Street in Salem, Ohio

Zeller: Bob Zeller, George Zeller, and Valerie Zeller at Sugarcreek, Ohio Swiss Festival

Zeller: Jacob Zeller, Anna Pearl Zurbrugg Zeller, with grandchildren Kenneth, Elton, and Elecia

Zeller: Ernest Zeller (son of Jakob Zeller Sr.) and his wife Esther

Zeller: Ernest Zeller (son of Jakob Zeller Sr.) and his brother Robert

Zeller: 1910 FDählerryfogle Reunion; showing Pearl Zurbrugg Zeller and her children Leonard, Agnes, and Kenneth (courtesy of Lois Yaggi Hofer)

Zeller: Vanda Zeller Post in Zweisimmen, Switzerland

Zeller: Ohio Zeller Family Reunion in 1954

Dähler: Josef Sidler, Elizabetha Magdalena Karolina Dähler Sidler, Albert Dähler, Karl Friedrich Sidler,, Frieda Martha Sidler, and Ida Johanna Sidler; this is our connection to the Dähler family

Dähler: My great grandparents Albert Dähler and Rosa Bertha (Kratzer) Dähler:

Dähler:  My great grandfather Albert Dähler:

Dähler:  My great grandmother Rosa Bertha Kratzer Dähler

Dähler:  Rosa Kratzer Dähler, Lydia Dähler, George Dähler, Albert Dähler in November 1913 after Arrival in USA from Switzerland

Dähler: Albert Dähler's Aunt Ida Johanna Sidler, during a visit to the USA from Switzerland in Pittsford, New York

Dähler: Albert Dähler's Aunt Ida Johanna Sidler, pictured during a visit to the USA with George Daehler and Lydia Dähler Hursh, Albert Dähler's two children

Dähler: 1963, George Daehler, Ward Zeller, Ed Donovan, Ron Daehler, with Bob Zeller and George Zeller in front

Dähler: Picnic at Euclid Beach Park, Valerie Zeller, Leigh Donovan, Carol Daehler Donovan, Mildred Daehler, George Daehler, Bob Zeller, George Zeller

Dähler: Carol, Ron, and Ruth

Dähler: George Dähler, Ruth Dähler, Carol Dähler, Ron Dähler, and Mildred Gustafson Dähler in New York City in 1939

Dähler: Lydia Dähler Hursh and John Hursh in 1952

Dähler: Marc, Marianne, Ernest and Dominique (in Switzerland)

Dähler: 2007 Dahler Family Reunion in Nakomis, IL; descendants of Christian Dähler and Magdalena Zwahlen of Switzerland

Kratzer: Kratzer Coat of Arms, Aeschi bei Spiez, Switzerland

Kratzer: Louise Kratzer, courtesy of Clifford Dibble

Kratzer: Louise Kratzer and Adolph Gustav Boehler wedding, courtesy of Clifford Dibble

Kratzer: Heidi Hursh, Rosa Kratzer Dähler, Judy Hursh, Connie Hursh, and Lydia Dähler Hursh

Kratzer: Louise Kratzer, courtesy of Clifford Dibble

Kratzer: Fred Kratzer and his grandson Larry in 1947

Kratzer: Louise Kratzer and Adolph Gustav Boehler wedding, courtesy of Clifford Dibble

Kratzer: Walter Kratzer and his son Larry in 1947

Kratzer: Dorothy Lewis Kratzer, Friedrich Kratzer, Walter Frederick Kratzer, Larry Kratzer, and Margaret Kratzer in 1953

Kratzer: Margaret Kratzer, Dorothy Lewis Kratzer, Friedrich Kratzer, Carol Daehler, Mildred Gustafson Daehler, George Daehler, Valerie Zeller, Walter Kratzer, Larry Kratzer, George Zeller, Ruth Zeller, and Ward Zeller in 1953

Gustafson: Josephine (Carlsen) and John Gustav Gustafson, my great grandparents

Gustafson: Josephine Carlsen Gustafson

Gustafson: Mildred, Charles, Lilian

Gustafson: Gustafson Family Gathering during early 1960s

Whinery: My Fifth Great Grandfather William Whinery courtesy of Dick Whinery

Whinery: My Fifth Great Grandmother Marjorie (Margaret) Carroll Whinery courtesy of Dick Whinery

Whinery: My Third Great Grandfather Elijah Whinnery courtesy of Dick Whinery

Whinery: My Third Great Grandmother Lavina Strong Whinnery courtesy of Dick Whinery

Peter Ward's Original Ohio Property; the Northwest portion of Section 13 of Paris Township, purchased at the Steubenville Land Office on November 3, 1806 on the same day that Zadok Street purchased the property that he developed as the city of Salem. Peter sold this land to James Teegardin on November 4, 1833. In Columbiana County in 1806 but in Stark County in 1833.

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