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Here we see a typical page from the "On the Air" frequency list in the November 1934 issue of the International Short Wave Radio bulletin. This column was advertised as a WRTH or Passport-style list of stations actually on the air, so it was not necessarily a loggings column. The ISWC bragged that their list was a confirmed list of actual stations currently broadcasting, unlike similar lists in other inferior clubs that contained silent stations, plagiarized stations, etc. This bragging was very Klingenfuss-like. 

Note that the ISWC did not use UTC in their bulletin. Eastern Standard Time was their normal default, although they changed to "War Time" in 1942 during World War II. 

Club dues were $1 during at least the first 13 years of the club, which included the Great Depression years. Local chapter meetings were held in a variety of cities; Cleveland had two chapters. 

The ISWC sponsored regular International Short Wave Club radio programs, similar to DXing with Cumbre. The shows were carried on various shortwave stations in the USA, Canada, Colombia, and other countries. 

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