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I traveled to East Liverpool to do research on the ISWC during two weekends in June 1997. The East Liverpool Public Library was an excellent source of material, including annual city directories, old telephone books, maps, old newspapers on microfilm, and back editions of the yearbooks from East Liverpool High School. ISWC Editor and Publisher Arthur J. Green left several traces in the library. 

East Liverpool is located on the Ohio River at the spot where Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia intersect. The population used to be about 25,000 when East Liverpool was a bustling pottery manufacturing center. But, the collapse of the potteries, nearby steel mills, and the regional coal mining industry have devastated East Liverpool. It now is a struggling small city with a population under 15,000. It's a seedy place because of the economic depression in the region, but it was a more substantial town during the late 1920's and the 1930's when the ISWC was founded. 

The curator of the East Liverpool Ceramics Museum told me that Klondyke was a neighborhood of the city located about three miles east of downtown, almost to the Pennsylvania border. It got its name because of its great distance from the central city, hence being out in the "Klondyke." 

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George Zeller in Universal showroom

This picture of ISWC researcher George Zeller was taken in the showroom of Universal Shortwave in Reynoldsburg, Ohio. I believe that the photographer was Dr. Harold Cones. Dr. DX should stick to being a professor, as his photography skills are not very good, even considering the subject matter he had to work with.