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The founder of the International Short Wave Club was Arthur J. Green, who was also the publisher and editor of the club from 1929 until well after World War II. Green was a professional painter. He worked for several contracting firms in East Liverpool over the years, and was a member of the Painters Union. He was married to Pearl H. Green from about 1921 to 1945. On August 4, 1946 he married Edith G. Green, who remained his wife until Green's death on July 21, 1980. We don't know what happened to Pearl. 

The ISWC was founded by three people in 1929: Arthur J. Green, J. R. McAllister of Struthers, Ohio (a suburb of Youngstown), and Charles E. Schroeder of shortwave radio station W3ATR in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. McAllister's sister died on June 11, 1931; she received a brief obituary in International Short Wave Radio. Schroeder served for over a decade as a member of the ISWC Advisory Board. As you see here on the masthead of the bulletin, an Advisory Committee helped in club management. Session, Kleimans, and Schroeder were on the Advisory Committee for many years, but others joined them at times, including Commonwealth Edison Superintendent Harold Wright of Chicago. 

International Short Wave Radio bulletins were printed via a professional offset process. The sharp 5-1/4" x 7-1/4" monthly bulletins ranged between 32 and 56 pages. Photos were included, usually of members sitting in their shack with equipment and QSL's. Extensive professional advertising was sold to equipment manufacturers and dealers. Club supplies were available, such as the globe pictured here. We now know how the ISWC attained the professionally printed appearance of their bulletin. 

Seventy years ago, East Liverpool had two newspapers. The afternoon paper, the Review, is still published today. The morning Tribune went out of business after publishing its last edition on January 7, 1928. When the ISWC was founded in 1929, the Tribune printing equipment was not in use, and therefore was available. Green published InternationalShort Wave Radio on the old Tribune presses. This explains the high quality offset printing of the bulletins. 

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Masthead from ISWR Bulletin