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I went in search of 1714 Alpha Avenue, where Green lived when the International Short Wave Club was founded. It sits in the Klondyke section of East Liverpool, two blocks north of Ohio Route 39. I found houses at 1710, 1712, and 1715 Alpha Avenue, and I talked to the current ethnic Appalachian inhabitants. The area where 1714 Alpha would be is now a vacant lot. A friendly neighbor held his vicious dog in check while I took pictures of the surviving stone foundations that remain on the property. It is clear that a dwelling once occupied the spot, but it has been demolished. All that remains is considerable stone masonry work where the foundations of the house were. 

International Short Wave Radio was edited and published from this spot for at least three years. This site is the birthplace of shortwave broadcast DX clubs. For the first time in the history, you see a picture here of this hallowed spot. It obviously is a place of great significance in our hobby, sort of like Lincoln's Birthplace or Kitty Hawk. 

The neighbors at 1710, 1712, and 1715 Alpha Avenue were blissfully unaware that they were living on sacred ground. When I arrived, they were amused that a stranger was investigating their neighborhood in the context of "ham radio." The last set of strangers who had been on their street were FBI agents searching for the corpse in a murder case. 

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